The competition started in 1978 as an act of commemoration to the 1972 Sunshine mine disaster that sadly claimed the lives of 91 workers. It was the worst hard rock mining disaster in the US since 1917.

The competition was set up not only to remind us of those who fell at Sunshine but to all those who have lost there lives in mining.

The games comprise of seven events each testing the skill of the modern young miner in the field of the old techniques. The games are an opportunity for mining students around the world to not only learn the old ways of mining but to network with each other and meet those from all corners of the globe. Competition is fierce and the standard of the teams competing has only grown in the last decade.

National pride is on the line for many during the games so training for the competition often starts early. CSM is the the only team from the UK so we often consider ourselves Team GB as well.