Rock Drilling Tools

Padley & Venables Rock Drilling Equipment

Designed to fit all the major manufacturers’ equipment, P&V Rock Drilling Tools are truly the “Perfect Tools for the Toughest Jobs” for a wide range of applications, across the Quarrying, Mining, Tunnelling, Construction and Civil Engineering Industries.

P&V is recognised as one of the World’s leading manufacturers of Rock Drilling Tools and supplies Customers and projects in more than 55 countries. The company has been responsible for many innovations in its field, establishing the first facility in Europe for overall carburising of Drill Rods, originating and developing the manufacture of Percussive Button Bits and Male Female Drill Rods. The latest developments have seen the launch of two new products, “Ninja” Button Bits and “Dual Drive” Rods.

With the steel for our Drill Rods coming from our own Mill, which invented the original method of rolling Hollow Drill Steel, P&V’s reputation for quality is recognised worldwide. It is supported by continuous research, development and testing, coupled with ongoing investment in latest technology, processes and machinery. All enhanced by a Quality System accredited to ISO 9001:2015.

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Rock drilling accessories

Available in shank sizes; 82.5 x 22mm, 108 x 22mm, 108 x 25mm, with head diameters 24-45mm and lengths 400-6400mm.
Pilot Rods also available.

Available with taper angles; 4.8°, 7°, 11° and 12°. Bits to suit with Button or Cross tungsten carbide tipped heads.

Shanked Rods, Couplings, Tunnelling Rods, Hex/Round (M/F), (M/M) and Drill Bits, available with all popular international thread forms.

A comprehensive range with ‘Button’, X and Cross with tungsten carbide tipped head configurations.
Button Bit designs include;
Flat Face
Grooved Face
Drop Centre
with hemispherical, ballistic, paraboloid inserts and combination options.
(Available with all popular international thread forms.)

Pilot Adaptors with T.C. Tipped Bits (both cross and button style).
Domed Reamer Bits
Combination Pilot Reaming Bits

Available in hexagon body and round body sections with all popular international thread forms.

Couplings are available as sleeve, semi-bridge, full-bridge or conversion types, with all popular international thread forms.

To fit all types of drilling machines both pneumatic and hydraulic. Shanks are available with most types of popular international thread forms.

Specially developed for use with modern high-powered air and hydraulic deep hole drilling machines. Available with most popular international thread forms.

Guide and Extension Tubes, Shank Adaptors, Couplings, and Bits for use with latest hydraulic machines.

Other Drilling Equipment

Information available on request.