Contractors’ tools

Padley & Venables Contractors’ Tools.

P&V manufactures a wide range of quality Contractors’ Tools to fit most types of Paving Breaker Machines. The tools have been developed for all applications, including Road Breaking, Asphalt Cutting, Digging, Trenching, Tamping and Demolition work.

Featured in the range are; Moil Points, Diggers, Clay Spades, Chisel Ends, Asphalt Cutters, Easibusts, Wedges, Tie Tampers, Rammer Stems & Pads, Plugs & Feathers available with all popular shank sizes.

Padley & Venables has manufactured Contractors’ Tools since the early 1900’s and are now the last remaining manufacturer in the UK and one of the largest in the World.

Consistency of quality and investment in manufacturing processes and equipment are major reasons why Padley & Venables retain their position as one of the market leaders in its product lines.

An extensive range of Machined Shank Tools, Plug Drills and Pick Hammer Tools is also available.

Features and Benefits:

    • Acknowledged by most OEMs as the best available
    • Extensive stocks and fast track manufacturing programmes
    • Comprehensive warranty support
    • All production and treatment processes carried out in-house ensuring total quality control
    • Steel produced in our own rolling mill.