Frequently Asked Questions

Our product literature is available from our website by simply registering your details with us.

Our system is flexible enough to allow people to buy directly from our manufacturing plant, but in most cases we would suggest your local dealer/distributor is the perfect place to buy.

Simply use our contact page for further information.

There are many resources available on the Padley & Venables website to answer your questions. A good place to start are our Product pages, and the Compatibility guides for each of our ranges. If you still can’t answer your questions in these places, then we will be more than happy to field any question you may have. See our Contact page to get details of who to speak to.

As part of our commitment to customer service, advice is always available when buying our tools. Naturally we won’t give specific machine information, but because we know our own tools inside out we will be more than happy to help you where we can with this.

Every product we manufacture is covered by our detailed warranty programme.

Yes. As part of our ongoing commitment to providing the highest possible quality products, we have made sure all our staff are trained, to ensure we maintain our ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Padley & Venables takes all matters of Health & Safety very seriously and to that end we operate a highly stringent policy.

FAQ didn’t answer your question?

Don’t worry you can get in touch and ask us by clicking here:

Dedicated Team

Padley & Venables have a team of dedicated product experts who are familiar with all aspects of our products and the requirements of the industry as a whole. Who better to speak to if our FAQ hasn’t helped you?

Distributor Network

Help is available though our extensive and knowledgable Distributor and Dealer network. For those users who require localised help, this can be an invaluable resource. Get in touch for help finding your local Distributor.