Heat treatment

Some of the largest pit furnaces in Europe with a depth of 7.5metres. Expertise developed though Padley & Venables’ stringent attention to both heat treatment and straightness of their own products, which work in arduous conditions – mining, quarrying, tunnelling etc.

Carburising – Hardening – Tempering – Stress Relieving-Annealing With one of the most advanced heat treatment facilities in Europe, aside from heat treating its own product range, P&V is an approved supplier of sub-contract heat treatment services to a wide range of specialised industries. These include product treated for use in Formula 1 Racing Cars through to components employed in nuclear reactors.

Features and Benefits

  • 8 electrically heated Pit Furnaces.
  • 4 carburising/hardening – endothermically generated atmosphere with  infra red CO2 control for carburising and atmosphere controlled hardening
  • 4 tempering – for rapid turnaround of multiple batch products
  • Flood oil quench or air blast cooling for accurate micro-structural responses For up to date information on our entire range of Rock Drilling Equipment, see our literature page, by clicking here.