2023 International Mining Games – Australia

Good Luck to our teams at the 2023 Mining Games in Australia.
Have a great time and show them some true grit – we know how hard you’ve all been training.

XDC Extreme Drop Centre button bits ready to leave our factory for Australia

The first batch of our new range of Extreme Drop Centre button bits are ready to leave our factory for Australia. This new design is a marked improvement over standard Drop Centre bits in flushing, hole straightness and wear properties.

Extreme Drop Centre Button Bits

NEW Extreme Drop Centre Button Bits

44th International Mining Games 2022, Missouri, USA

P&V have once again sponsored the Camborne School of Mines Team for the 44th International Mining Games


P&V have sponsored the Camborne School of Mines Team for the 44th International Mining Games hosted by the Missouri S&T in Missouri, USA.
The games will take place over two days, with the Men’s Survey on 25th March, with the main competition events taking place on Saturday 26th March 2022.
Since November 2021, the Men’s team have been training at King Edward Mine every Wednesday.
Ben Mantell-Jolly will be the Team Captain, the only competitor within the men’s team who competed at the last mining games. The team will consist of all years ranging from 1st year to 4th year (Masters). – we wish them well – look out for further updates.

Michael Pharaoh – Production Engineer – 15 Years Service

Here is Mick receiving his gift from P&V for 15 years service with the company.
Mick started working for P&V in June 2006 in the despatch warehouse then after 2 years progressed to work on the CNC machines – turning and milling bits in addition to turning end pieces then moved on to drilling button bits for tip hole insertion.
When the new Robot section was installed his role changed to working on several CNC machines – turning, milling and drilling, continuing to work on the Robot section until 2016 then left the shop floor to work in P.E.D (Production Engineering Department)
He now creates CNC programmes, 3D models and engineering drawings in addition to problem solving and working on tooling improvements.


On November 1st Tom Fieldsend took on the role of Product Development Engineer.

Just over three years ago Steve Harper stepped up to become the Head of Engineering and took along with him the role of Product Manager.

During this time Steve has done both roles tirelessly and to good effect but it has always been recognised that the company needed to develop a greater field test/product development presence.

Tom will increasingly spend more time on visits with Steve, reviewing and developing our own products in the work environment whilst continuing to help their development here in the factory.

In time it is hoped that Tom will then be able to undertake visits with the Sales people and on his own giving us greater coverage of our markets around the World.

Steve Harper (Head of Engineering) 25 years Service

Steve Foster retires after 46 years at P&V

Steve Foster retired from Padley & Venables last week after more than 46 years’ service, joining us in September 1975 as a ‘Craft Apprentice’.

After finishing his apprenticeship in 1978 he became a Setter in our now obsolete Coal Cutter Section.

In 1980 he became a Skilled Machinist  in our also now obsolete, Percussive Bits section.

In 1987 he was promoted to Foreman in the General Machine Shop, over the years gaining experience in every department except the Carburiser.

In 2002 to Quality Manager Designate, naturally migrating to Padley & Venables Quality Manager.

Steve travelled internationally for the business to help our customers.

In the last few years Steve has reduced his working hours gradually but has been overseeing and bringing to fruition various projects including the purchase and installation of new plant and equipment.


Steve has been a great servant to the company, a fantastic colleague to work alongside and he will be greatly missed by us all!


We wish him well for a long, happy and fun filled retirement.




Mining World Ukraine 2021 Report

The Ukraine is one of the world’s most important mineral producing countries, in terms of both the range and size of its reserves.

Padley & Venables attended MiningWorld Ukraine 2021, which is the only international exhibition of equipment, special technology and technologies for extraction, enrichment and transportation of minerals. Leading foreign and national companies present their latest developments in equipment, special equipment and technology at the exhibition.

From October 5-7, 2021, the 6th edition of MiningWorld Ukraine was held again in the local Exhibition Center Kozak-Palace in Zaporizhzhia.

After setting up the stand on the previous day, it did not take long for the first visitors to arrive on the stand when the show opened. Maciej Borzestowski and Hans-Joachim Kopp greeted them and an interesting discussion started about the benefits of P&V’s Ninja bit, which was shown in the Ukraine for the first time.


P&V’s Ninja button bit is the perfect all round bit suitable for most hard rock, top hammer drilling applications and is available in bit sizes ranging from 48 to 64mm.

Many customers are already aware of the distinct angled face grooves and deeper lateral flushing flutes aid rock removal from the bit face, which increases drilling speed. The open face design of the bit allows rock to fall into the void between the three face tips before being crushed which adds directional stability and helps to create a straighter hole. This in turn reduces bending stresses on the rods, shanks and couplings thus reducing breakages and reducing overall drill steel consumption.

The straighter holes also reduce the need for costly secondary drilling and blasting which is often the case with deviating holes. These are important benefits for mine applications in the Ukraine where efficient drilling operations and tight cost control is paramount.


Throughout the first two days, we received a steady flow of visitors, who were very impressed with the product range P&V manufactures, including the heat treatment of the tools in their own deep pit furnaces, one of the largest in Europe with 7.5m depth.

On day 3, we welcomed student groups from Dnipro University of Technology, which was the first university in the region and is was founded over 100 years old, same as Padley & Venables.

The students picked up some valuable information on rock-drilling, demolition and contractors tool, which will hopefully help them with their studies. They also seemed to like our helium balloons!

We would also like to thank the organisers of Mining World Ukraine 2021, especially Daria Borodulina for helping us throughout the show.

With the show being such a great success, we look forward to coming back again next year.